Parenting concerns are any difficulties or issues that parents face in raising their children. Some of the issues parents face today are decisions about childcare, school and education, parenting styles and discipline, household chores, daily schedules and routines, finances, work-family balance, etc.

Parents can also face challenges as they need to navigate and resolve conflicts between siblings, between themselves and a child, or between themselves and their partner.

Major Challenges of Parenting


As parents go through everyday challenges, having a busy schedule can be challenging for some families. Taking care of the household chores, attending appointments on time, and making everything work can be overwhelming for parents. Parents who also don’t have enough time to themselves due to time, work, and other stressors also can be a challenge.


Parents with joint custody face many challenges with decision-making in their children’s lives. It can be difficult to navigate schedules and discipline styles and figure out what’s best for children with shared custody.

Work/Life Balance

Being a working parent can have its own set of challenges as parents deal with balancing work and family. Whether parents are trying to go towards a new career path, working long hours, or trying to find a job that fits into their life can all impact the family unit.

Consistent Whining, Complaining, Anger, or Aggression

Nearly all children whine and complain to their parents; however, if it is chronic and persistent, it can be a major stressor for parents. When children or teens become angry and aggressive, it can be a new set of challenges parents must learn to navigate.

We help parents figure out their children’s complaints at a deeper level and assess what the anger really is about. We teach tools and certain effective ways to communicate with your children or teenagers to navigate their emotions and behaviors in a healthy way.

How Do We Help Parents?

Parenting can be extremely challenging but also rewarding. With certain tools and coping strategies, we create a safe space for parents and caregivers to share their struggles and experiences where ever they are in the parenting journey.

We help parents learn to cope with things they cannot change in a different way. We allow parents to be heard, understood and navigate daily stressors in their lives. We support parents to gain confidence in themselves by understanding their children’s development and how to manage certain age development. We utilize effective tools and approaches for parents to use with their children to create a connecting safe bond.

Reframe your problems and make them into opportunities to heal and live a happier life.